What is this I feel, what is this I see?
There's someone in the mirror looks exactly like me
Why Do I question and why do I doubt?
This one's the end, the final way out

Thoughts are the same buy my motive has changed
Blood is still pumping but my circuits have aged
Why do I question, why do I doubt?
That I am still Tixie, it's what my life is all about

Who is this person, looks back in scorn?
Body parts are new but the soul is born
How come I question, how come I doubt?
The sound I hear within me was a deparate shout

How much do I remember of what I used to be?
How much me is them how much of me is me?
Seems so very stranger to hear that human shout
I thought this was the end of my own way out

They patched me up again, rebuilt all our parts
The only part they left is my aching human heart
How many times just to keep me alive
Will I ever be anything except a prisoner of the hive

Words and Music by Paul Whitehead & Dan Shapira
for Cypher Arts

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