AGAINST ALL ODDS 2005 - 2013

2005 saw the release on CD of two of Jackie's best-loved albums, HOME IS IN MY HEAD and THREE on Warner Brothers. The albums were released with bonus tracks in the UK by WB themselves but were licensed (minus the bonus tracks) to Water Records in the US. Long-overdue, long-lost classics. Those two releases mean that all of the originally-released-on-vinyl recordings are available on CD, thanks to pressure from Jackie Lomax fans from all over the world.

2005 also saw an unlikely collaboration with Paul Whitehead and Alex E. Carpani's Borg Symphony, singing on the only vocal track on their album ODE TO HERO TIXIE - Tixe's Song.

In August 2006 Jackie was back in Liverpool, playing gigs in and around Beatleweek 2006, with the Undertakers. Jackie again joined Geoff Nugent and Brian Jones from the original line-up for gigs at the Pierhead, the Empire Theatre and Fort Perch Rock. He returned to play similar gigs in 2008 and contributed two tracks to the new Undertakers album, RESURRECTION. August visits to Liverpool became an annual event and during those visits Jackie started recording a new album with long-time friend and fellow Undertaker Brian 'Saxophone' Jones.

THE BALLAD OF LIVERPOOL SLIM finally got a worldwide release on Angel Air Records in March 2009. Two bonus tracks (a 1976 live version of Sour Milk Sea and Friend-A-Mine) were added to the original album for its release as THE BALLAD OF LIVERPOOL SLIM... PLUS.

In 2010 the best of the unreleased Lomax Alliance tracks were finally released on CD by RPM. LOST SOUL combined a CD of 16 Lomax Alliance and Jackie Lomax recordings from 1966/67 with a bonus CD of the 1974 WHITE LADY album by Badger.

In April 2012 Jackie returned to Hamburg for the 50th anniversary of the Star Club, playing with the Undertakers and as a solo artist. A splendid time was had by all who attended.

In 2013 Jackie Lomax put the finishing touches to his new album AGAINST ALL ODDS and signed a contract with Angel Air Records for its January 2014 release.

On 15 September 2013 Jackie Lomax died in the Wirral, Merseyside where he had been born 69 years earlier.

'Turn my back against the rain
Hear the tapping on my windowpane
Feel the movement from within
Watch the restless mood begin
My soul will soon be blown
From this my last time home'

(LAST TIME HOME by Jackie Lomax)

AGAINST ALL ODDS is a fitting finale and a welcome addition to his musical legacy. The music sees him firmly back playing and singing the soul music which was always his first love. His collaboration with Brian Jones is practically a telepathic relationship. They should have done this years ago!

Soon after his death the contractual difficulties wih Apple Records that had prevented the release of the HEAVY JELLY album were resolved and that album is finally to get an official release by Angel Air Records on 10 March 2014. Finally all the recordings Jackie Lomax made during his lifetime have been released on CD.

'Jackie deeply appreciated the fans who followed him throughout his 50 year career and his family and friends would like to thank each and every one of you for your support and loyalty.'

On 4 May 2015 Angel Air Records tie up all the loose ends to Jackie's career by issuing JACKIE LOMAX : UNRELEASED, RARE & LIVE a 2CD set of material that round off a wonderful career. THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT!!